“Julia Norton’s Lullaby Island has everything I love, not just in kid’s music, but in all music. The melodies are complex, Norton’s voice is airily gorgeous, and the lullabies are original and sweet.” ~

“Unlike any other CD in our collection, we are loving the imaginative discussions that this CD can bring to relaxation time. Simply wonderful!” ~ The Opinionated Parent

“A compelling, harmonious balm for the the child who loves to be sung to sleep. Musical moments for the troubled unquiet mind in a sometimes cruel and cacophonous world. Some moments of peace. Lovely lovely.” ~ Carol Grimes

“What an amazing vocal….you have that combination of domestic hearth and wild windswept moors that characterizes the best of Celtic folk singers. This is a faultless performance!…..The recording and production is first rate! I couldn’t help listening to a couple of other cuts, the level of performance and writing here is so strong!” ~ ‘TAXI’

“While I was pregnant I began the arduous task of looking for the perfect lullaby CD. It was rough going. Hours of listening to clips on various websites, and not really feeling that anything out there was quite as special as I wanted it to be. And then I heard Julia’s CD. It was actually perfect. It is a luscious, heartfelt blend of Julia’s mesmerizing voice along with traditional and original music uniquely arranged. This is a CD that I will listen to over and over again, and something magical I will share with my daughter for many years to come. As a childbirth educator and birth doula (as well as a new mom), I will heartily recommend this soothing and enchanting music to pregnant women and new families.” ~ Kathleen Paris, Childbirth Educator

Magical weaving of sounds carry anyone who listens into a pleasant dreamy state. I don’t have any children so bought this CD for me. I absolutely adore Julia’s beautiful voice singing these delightful ditties, some familiar, some entirely brand new. Listening to these delicate acoustic sounds transports me back to childhood and instills within me a deep sense of peace, love and support as my entire body relaxes as if in a cloud. Incredible and definitely awesome!! ~ Kelly Close